Melissa McCarthy is learning the hard way how to deal with Australian wildlife.

The actress, who has been in the country for a while filming the TV series “Nine Perfect Strangers” and the “Thor: Love and Thunder” film, revealed she was recovering after being bitten by a Huntsman spider.

McCarthy poked fun at herself for recently saying in an interview: “I love that all the bugs and creatures will kill you,” adding: “I love that I’ve seen a spider the size of my head.”

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She then shared shots of her recovery after being bitten, saying she was “pretty puffy” and “itchy,” while covered in bandages and with a towel on her head.

McCarthy’s post comes after her and husband Ben Falcone’s hilarious audition tape was shared by Marvel before they nabbed parts in the upcoming “Thor” flick.

“Melissa and I are desperate to be in the film,” Falcone insisted. See more in the clip below.