In a hilarious new fake PSA, Ellen DeGeneres has found the perfect solution in the form of “Tylenol Gay.”

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“You know I love being gay, but I can’t stand the headaches,” DeGeneres said in the video. “It seems that any time I want to go to brunch or build a shelf, my head starts hurting.”

“Luckily, I found something that helps: Tylenol Gay,” she continues. “It’s the only over-the-counter medicine designed specifically for gay headaches.”

DeGeneres’ sketch comes in references to a recent report published by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health which found gay, lesbian and bisexual participants were 58 per cent more likely to experience migraines.

“Regular Tylenol treats common heterosexual headaches that tend to steadily increase in pain, but Tylenol Gay attacks those pesky gay headaches that feel like a parade is in your head — and not the good kind,” the host jokes.

“Before you know it, your ‘gay headache’ is gone and you can get back to all the gay things you love!” DeGeneres adds.

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Finally, before the PSA is over, a list appears describing potential side effects.

“Don’t use Tylenol Gay if you wear cargo shorts, socks with sandals, or have ever hosted a gender reveal party,” a narrator reads. “If you’re unsure about your sexuality or only experimented once in college, ask your doctor if Tylenol Gay is right for you.”

DeGeneres then adds, “Just because your headaches are here and queer, doesn’t mean you have to get used to them.”