Jennifer Garner has choice words for “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans.

Garner was the latest victim of Complex and First We Feast’s spicy interview show, “Hot Ones”. The four-time Emmy-nominee kept a strong poker face until she was walloped by the notorious Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce.

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“Only way out is through, Sean. That’s hot. That’s hot. That’s hot,” Garner exclaimed while doing laps around her living room, listening to Evans’ set-up for food hacks. “Up your b*tt, Sean! Golly. Okay, let’s think about kitchen hacks.”

Garner, 48, also dished on the lasting impact of “13 Going on 30”.

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“I think there is no bigger wish fulfillment for a 13-year-old than to be 30,” the actress said. “And conversely, I don’t know any 30-year-old who wouldn’t like to dip back into her 13-year-old body to see what that is like. It’s such a whimsical and it was such a perfectly constructed movie by the late, great, beautiful soul Gary Winnick.”