Given all the numerous TV series from the past to have been rebooted in recent years, what are the odds that Jenna Elfman, Thomas Gibson and the cast of ’90s sitcom hit “Dharma & Greg” could return for a reunion or reboot?

Elfman addressed that very subject during a Thursday appearance on “Daily Blast Live”.

“The idea of it is super fun to think about,” admitted Elfman, who’s currently starring in AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead”.

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You know, it would just have to be as good as the first one,” she added. “There was just something so special in the chemistry of all involved at that time. I don’t know. I would never say never, but there’s nothing in the works at the moment, though I’m thrilled that all five seasons are now available on Hulu.”

Elfman also discussed why her character, free-spirited Dharma, would be a powerful role model for young women in today’s cultural climate.

“Dharma sets such a good example for girls,” said Elfman. I think she’s a good role model for that. It’s okay to be who you are, you don’t have to get permission or apologize. Just be you and that’s awesome.”

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Even though Dharma and Greg left the air in 2002, Elfman believes the show, nearly 20 years later, is as relevant now as it was then.

“It’s actually very relevant now because of how divisive our society has become,” she said. “I think it’s a perfect sitcom to rewatch and have a good laugh and realize it doesn’t all have to be so serious.”


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