Justin Bieber has been issued with a cease-and-desist letter after French electronic group Justice claimed that the singer’s new album infringes on their trademark.

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According to Rolling Stone, the dance duo allege that Bieber’s Justice album logo, featuring a cross as the T in the word “justice”, is “illegal”. 

The band trademarked the cross in the word justice in both France and the European Union.

Much of Bieber’s album merchandise also features the same cross. 

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Rolling Stone says the group sent a letter to Bieber warning that the logo was “likely to deceive and confuse consumers”. 

The publication also shared the cease-and-desist letter, which claimed, “Not only was Bieber’s team actually aware of Justice’s use of the Mark, they sought to use the same artist to essentially duplicate it for the Album. This is textbook bad faith and willful infringement.”

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The letter additionally threatened “immediate legal action and damages including, but not limited to, punitive and injustice relief.”