Blake Shelton is holding out on Gwen Stefani.

On the new episode of DJ Khaled’s podcast “The First One”, the host welcomes Stefani, who reveals that Shelton has been helping her sort through her unreleased songs.

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“Yesterday, Blake and I sat down and listened to, like, every song, which is a lot of songs, and just sort of put our favourite stars by which ones,” she said. “We definitely bounce off each other.”

She also talked about how being a coach on “The Voice” has helped give Shelton extremely good taste in music when picking potential hits for her to release.

“Being on that show, you’re around so much music, and you really know how to choose music, so I really rely on him a lot for his taste,” Stefani said. “He knows all genres from being on that show. He has a really good ear for hits, or just songs that are the ones that we all like.”

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Sadly, though, Shelton doesn’t have any interest in co-writing songs with Stefani.

“Definitely lean on him a lot,” she said. “I wish he would write with me, but he doesn’t really write anymore. And we’ve actually written three songs together—we wrote a Christmas song together, and then we wrote two other songs.”

Stefani added, “But he just doesn’t like writing that much, makes me so mad.”