Lana Del Rey’s “White Dress” music video is finally here.

The songstress debuted her visual for the single on Friday, a track off her new album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club.

Directed by Constellation Jones, the video was inspired by director David Lynch featuring stunning Southern California landscape and Del Rey on a pair of roller skates.

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De Rey, in a white dress, later meets up with a group of friends for a roadside lunch.

Ahead of its release, the songstress took to Instagram, revealing she actually broke her arm while filming the roller skating scene in the desert.

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“Don’t think that the fact I’m wearing a cast is symbolic for anything other than thinking I was still a pro figure skater,” Del Rey revealed. “I wiped out on my beautiful skates before the video even began after a long day of figure eights and jumps in the twilight of the desert.”

Chemtrails Over the Country Club arrived on March 19.