Katie Cassidy is making her NFT debut, and it’s an attention-grabber.

The former “Arrow” star is entering the digital realm with a series of NFTs (non-fungible tokens, stored on the blockchain), in which the actress poses nude while positioned on a canvas, her body covered in paint.

In the photos, taken by celebrity photographers, Cassidy uses “black and white paint, a cotton canvas and the human body as her medium” in order to create “a new genre of art,” according to the description on Opensea.ie.

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“This provocative photograph of Katie Cassidy reveals her bare skin adorned in paint. The tattoo on her back reads ‘She flies with her own wings’ in Latin,” the description continues.

The collection — titled “ME. SHE. WE.” — is said to set “the tone for Cassidy’s self-love practice,” with prices starting at $18,000.

A portion of the money raised will go toward the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, which offers programs to help reduce poverty and the marginalization of women and their families.

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