Steve Harvey just can’t find anything to hate about his youngest daughter’s new boyfriend  —  no matter how hard he tries!

Model Lori Harvey has been dating Hollywood heartthrob Michael B. Jordan since last year.

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While joining in on Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Steve revealed what he really thinks about his potential future son-in-law.

“You know what, I have tried not to like him. I have tried to find something wrong with him,” admitted the “Family Feud” star.

“Because I got rid of all of them. All of them,” he continued. “Some of them snook in through the back door and lasted a lot longer than I wanted.”

Ultimately, the comedian couldn’t say anything but nice things about the “Creed” actor.

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“This guy is such a good guy. He is one of the nicest guys,” Steve gushed. “I met his father, I sat up with him, we’ve talked for hours. I just can’t find nothing wrong with him.”

He added, “I’m hoping this lasts because this is a really, really good guy… And I can’t whoop him!”

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Steve also chatted about bringing the “Family Feud” game show to Africa and took a look back on surprising his wife on Valentine’s Day in Aspen.