George Clooney is quite the prankster, and now he’s getting his kids involved.

The actor shares a prank he taught his twins Alexander and Ella, 3, in an interview with Hoda Kotb for NBC News’ “Today” airing Thursday.

Clooney says, “My whole job really is to teach them terrible things. And I really do enjoy teaching my children to do things that shock their mother.

“And it’s fun because, you know, Amal, she’ll be talking to a judge on a trial in the Sudan or a trial in Myanmar… she’s having very serious conversations and then my son’ll come in with a nappy on his head. This is a stroke of genius, you know.”

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Clooney, who is set to receive the esteemed Career Achievement Award at AARP The Magazine’s Annual Movies for Grownups Awards on Sunday night, goes on to say of his Nutella in the nappy prank, “Some people really love this stuff, you know, Nutella. It’s kind of a chocolaty [spread] and it comes in a jar like peanut butter.

“And so, you can take it, you can put it in the nappy as if there’s been an accident and then you can put it sort of down around one of your ankles as if you’ve just taken off your nappy.

“And they pull [it] off of their foot, the nappy, and they hold it out like this. And she goes, ‘Oh, oh, okay, wait, don’t move.’ And they take it and they eat it,” he laughs.

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Kotb asks the star, “So does Amal spend more time disciplining them or you?” to which Clooney replies, “No, me. She doesn’t discipline them at all. They don’t need discipline. It’s me. She’s like, you know, ‘Really? That’s what they learned today?’

“And I’m like, ‘Well, you know.’ The worst thing you can do is leave me alone with them for a long period of time because the things they learn are just horrific.”