Fans can’t get enough of Florence Pugh in the kitchen.

The Oscar-nominated “Little Women” actress has been delighting fans with fun and breezy videos of her cooking in the kitchen of her Los Angeles home since before the pandemic but has been earning more viewers as lockdown wears on.

With the occasional glass of wine in hand, Pugh, 25, has turned the camera on while she makes everything from bean salad to traditional British Sunday roast dinner to tzatziki. The actress enjoys going off-recipe as she mixes things up in the kitchen and tweaking recipes to include more garlic as she dances along to music in the kitchen, never shying away from any of her cooking mishaps.

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Her most recent video over the weekend saw her post a recipe for a chickpea salad while cracking jokes and dressed in black leather shorts, a black square-necked top, boots and a ruffled yellow apron, occasionally playing around with wooden spoons.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh/Instagram

“It’s cooking with Flo bitches,” she announces in the first of her Instagram Stories series of videos. “I have decided to do a very quick, very small recipe, and it includes chickpeas. So get your can of chickpeas out. Let’s use them.”

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“It’s going to be delicious. Don’t kiss anyone. Or do! It’ll be very… people will know that you’re coming,” she jokes about the garlic-heavy dish.

Fans on Twitter can’t get enough of Pugh’s candid videos, with many calling on her to host her own cooking series.