Keanu Reeves is set to star in and produce a film adaptation and anime series based on BRZRKR, the comic book he created.

Netflix has acquired the rights to the series which was created by the Canadian actor who co-writes the comics along with New York Times writer Matt Kindt. The 12-issue limited series launched March 3 and has sold more than 615,000 copies to date.

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The comics follow the story of an immortal half-human and half-god warrior known only as “B” (a bulked-up Keanu lookalike) and his 80,000-year fight across the ages. After years of wandering the earth in a violent existence, B finds refuge by taking a job in the U.S. government where he takes battles that are too violent and dangerous for mere mortals to take on. In exchange for his service, B will get the one thing he craves – the meaning of his bloody existence and how he can end it.

The film version of BRZRKR will come first and serve as an introduction to the character played by Reeves. The “John Wick” star will then voice B in the anime series which will further explore elements of the story.

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The project is currently in development and will take some time before the cameras are ready to roll. Reeves is keeping busy in the meantime, having recently wrapped production on “Matrix 4” and is set to begin filming “John Wick 4” this Spring.

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