Sad and shocking news was announced on The Howard Stern Show today as co-host Robin Quivers phoned in and revealed that she had been battling a rare form of cancer for a year.

During the uncharacteristically emotional segment, Howard did not hold back his feelings, saying “As Robin tells this story I now get chills again, because I remember feeling very distraught. And the fact that Robin was told that they could go for a cure was, It gives you hope.”;

“The thought of losing you it was unbearable, I would just get into tremendous crying jags,”; he continued.

Robin said that doctors had found a “mass in [her] pelvic belt”; and initially were unsure about the rare condition. After switching doctors, Robin confirmed that she has been cancer free for three months now.

Although the tone of the phone interview was somber throughout, Howard did manage to lighten the mood with funny quips. He joked, “I was already making funeral arrangements.”;

When speaking about her tumultuous journey Robin said, “you really need to trust all of the people and you need to trust the treatment,”; and was holding back tears as she thanked her friends and family for their support and credited them with her survival. “people don’t understand how the people who love them save their lives.”;