Ken Jeong is helping with the healing process after so much suffering.

NBC News confirmed this week that the actor and comedian had donated a total of $50,000 to the families of victims who lost their lives in the recent shootings at Atlanta-area spas.

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The donation came in the form of $10,000 each to the GoFundMe campaigns for the families of Soon Chung Park, Hyun Jung Grant, Suncha Kim, Xiaojie Tan, and Yong Yue.

Along with those five victims, the shootings also claimed the lives of Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, and Daoyou Feng.

Jeong, the son of Korean immigrants to America, has actively promoted the fundraising campaigns on social media and spread messages condemning anti-Asian racism.

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“Enough is enough. Stop the pandemic of hate,” Jeong said in a video.

Jeong also appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to address the rise in anti-Asian hate, which he pinned on the inflammatory, racist rhetoric used by the previous occupant of the White House. 

He began by sending a shoutout to “Late Night” writer Karen Chee, “who had a very eloquent piece on the day that it happened.”

Added Jeong: “It was very moving. It’s just a sign that with the Asian-American community, enough is enough. We’re just fed up. And in the study that Karen cited on your show a few days ago, anti–Asian American crime has risen almost 150 per cent in the last year, and in that same study, overall hate crime went down seven per cent.”

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