What if “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” was even longer?

That’s the question Stephen Colbert asked on Global’s “The Late Show” after watching the four-hour-plus director’s cut of the superhero blockbuster.

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In particular, Colbert was taken by an extra scene featuring Lex Luthor recruiting Deathstroke in a tease of potential followup films.

“I loved that post-credits scene, and I didn’t think the new Snyder Cut expanded on that moment in the way a four-hour, two-minute should have, so I have made my own four-hour, three-minute cut of Zack’s cut using only that 30-second scene,” the host joked.

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In the sketch, Colbert dons a bald cap to play Luthor as he keeps mistaking Deathstroke for Deadpool and then gets into a conversation about the differences between superhero properties owned by Disney and Sony.

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