Monday’s new “American Idol” brought plenty of takes on Rihanna.

The show saw a number of singers partnered up for duets of the pop star’s iconic single “Stay”, with impressive results all around.

First up were Willie Spence and Kya Moneé, whose duet of the song brought Katy Perry to tears.

“I’m telling you, that was divine,” Lionel Richie said. “That was an experience.”

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Next up, Deshawn Goncalves and Madison Watkins showed off their instant musical chemistry with their rendition.

“We have two very powerful voices,” Richie said.

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Finally, Liahona Olayan and Laila Mach took the stage to perform “Stay”, but complications arose.

Liahona, still overcome with emotion after her brother Ammon was eliminated from the competition earlier, struggled through the song despite her powerful voice.

After conferring among each other, the judges decided to put the most important question to her.

“Do you want to be here?” Perry asked, and after Liahona said she did, the judge told her, “You’re not showing it.”

Perry continued, “We said to you early on in this competition that you could be top 10, and you know who is sabotaging it? You.”

Despite the harsh criticism, Perry told her, “Don’t ever do that again. You’re going through.”

In the end, all six singers made it through to the next round of the competition.