Martin Sheen is ready to return to the set of “Grace And Frankie” after the coronavirus pandemic put a hold on production last year.

Joining SiriusXM’s Bruce Bozzi for this week’s edition of “Quarantined With Bruce”, Sheen says the cast and crew had filmed four episodes of the hit Netflix series when they were forced to shut down.

“We have not filmed since then,” he says, explaining that the writers used the downtime to finish the rest of the scripts for season 7. “They’ve got a schedule to come back in June and finish, and we’ve picked four, maybe four and a half months. So by the end of June until maybe the beginning of November, we should finish season 7.”

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Sheen says fans may not have to wait too long for new episodes, revealing there are discussions to release the four already-filmed episodes early.

“They’re talking about the possibility of streaming the four episodes we’ve done because it seems to have an arc and they’ve got it all ready to go,” he says. “And there seems to be an audience, at least you’re interested. So maybe they’ll put them on and you’ll see the first four episodes.”

During their chat, Sheen, 80, is looking back at the roles that have shaped his career as he candidly talks about the projects he took on “for the dope.”

“I would like to think that I did the things that I thought were, you know, going to advance the human race rather than my career. But that’s not, that’s not true. I did a lot of stuff and it shows very clearly, for the dope,” he says.

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“I was very lazy in that regard. I didn’t have that sense of a commercial career,” Sheen continues. “I kind of, I had to try and find a way to express how to unite the will of the spirit with the work of the flesh. So I tried to put them together and sometimes, you know, I would, I would play heinous villains, you know, and it just did some awful things as these characters.”

Sheen admits he has to take “responsibility” for some of the “very bad” movies and TV shows he’s been a part of for a paycheque.

“I did an awful lot of very bad movies and television shows, and it’s clearly there for me to accept the responsibility for, I did it for the money and it shows and the things that I did that cost me something, they show as well,” he adds.

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