Alex Miller and EmiSunshine teamed up to perform a foot-stomping rendition of “Walk the Line” during Monday’s “American Idol”.

Despite judge Luke Bryan wanting them the choose a different song, the young singers decided to stick with the Johnny Cash classic. 

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After the duo delivered a solid performance, Bryan commented, “I want to give you guys kudos. You were getting push back on ‘Walk the Line’ because ‘American Idol’ wouldn’t do you any good if we didn’t push you.”

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Bryan originally wanted the pair to sing something which would allow EmiSunshine to hit a big high note, while Miller could challenge himself away from old-school country.

Revealing their fate, Bryan added, “So with all that said country little bumpkins, you’re going through to the next round, both of you.”

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Earlier on in the competition, Miller used his his country charm to woo a fellow contestant.