CNN anchor Brianna Keilar and correspondent Stephanie Elam became emotional while reporting on the latest U.S. mass shooting, which took place on Monday in Boulder, Colorado.

During the Tuesday edition of “CNN Newsroom With Brianna Keilar”, Elam seemed to be fighting back tears as she discussed 25-year-old victim Rikki Olds, one of the 10 victims of the massacre.

“She was 25 years old, and her uncle Bobby Olds let us know about her,” Elam said, reading the words of the slain woman’s uncle.

“What he says, [she] was a strong independent young woman, raised by her grandparents, she was a manager at this grocery store, the King Soopers there where she works, and was really an energetic and charismatic person, according to him,” Elam related.

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“He also said, and this is a quote, ‘She was a shining light in this dark world,’ so Rikki Olds, one of the young people that we know about now, losing her life when all she was doing that day, Brianna, was going to work and performing her job, people at 2:30 in the afternoon picking up a few things, just supposed to be a normal day that they could get back their lives, and now they’re gone,” she continued as her voice cracked with emotion.


“You know, Stephanie, as I’m hearing you report this, I just wonder,” Keilar said, likewise close to tears, “can you count how many times you’ve covered a story like this? Have you lost count?”

“I don’t know anymore. And it makes me sad,” Elam admitted. “It makes me sad to even sit here and think about that, Brianna, that there’s been so many times that we have had to go out and cover these stories and talk to people who are devastated, their lives will never be the same because of this, and they’re still in shock and you think about them, and sometimes it happened close to where you’ve grown up so you can think about it in that way, and other times it happens far away, but it’s still the same.”

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She added: “The root of it, the pain of it still raw and it’s real, and I can feel it every single time, and I think about these people often, and my heart bleeds for them too, that they’re having to deal with this today because I’m sure they can’t even take it all in at this point.”

Responded Keilar: “Yeah, it’s, you lose count, you don’t forget it. But somehow it just, it’s so much.”