Chayce Beckham and Christina Daugherty delivered a heartfelt performance on Tuesday’s episode of “American Idol”.

The pair belted out “July” by Noah Cyrus ft. Leon Bridges; although they practised repeatedly and grew “extremely close” while doing so, it was the end of the road for one of them.

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Luke Bryan shared, “Very believable performance, very real. Both of your voices are very unique.

“Chayce, you showed us a new level that we didn’t know out of you but you have to start leaning on that. If you learn to channel that natural rasp and grip, you could be top 10 in this competition.”

However, he added, “Christina, I’m not sure that song gave you the proper chance,” before telling her she wouldn’t be going through to the next round.

Beckham, however, did.

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Katy Perry gushed as the duo walked away, “He said, ‘That hurts my heart.'”

Bryan asked her whether they were in love. “Yes, they are,” she replied. “They don’t even know they’re in love.”

See more in the clip above.