Jimmy Kimmel loves nothing more than pranking children.

With schools potentially set to reopen in Los Angeles, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host attempted virtual teaching while it was still in practice.

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In a delightful prank, Kimmel teamed up with Ellis Elementary in his hometown of Las Vegas to play substitute teacher for a class of fourth-graders.

In the middle of a lesson, the class’s teacher Ms. Ojeda announced she had an emergency and had to leave, introducing “Mr. Kotter” to the class.

Of course, the substitute teacher was really just Kimmel, dressed in glasses and a wig, looking a lot like Gabe Kaplan from the classic sitcom “Welcome Back, Kotter”.

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Kimmel started the lesson off by going around the class to have each child say something nice about him.

“You have a beautiful afro,” one student told him, while another added, “Nice tie.”

Getting started with the lesson proper, Kimmel’s Mr. Kotter asked the students elaborate questions like, “If I order a soy latte, and the barista charges me $4.00, and I give the barista a $1.00 tip, but then the barista tells me they’re out of soy and gives me back the $4.00, should I get back that $1.00 tip?”

“Yes,” one student correctly answered.