Demi Lovato has danced with the devil and seen the other side.

Lovato, 28, gets supremely candid about her drug use in her YouTube Originals docuseries “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil”. A 14-minute live premiere of the docuseries premiered on Tuesday night. In the first episode, the “Confident” singer details her first relapse after celebrating six years of sobriety in mid-2018.

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“I picked up a bottle of red wine that night, and it wasn’t even 30 minutes before I picked up the phone and called someone that I knew had drugs on them,” she said. “I’m surprised I didn’t OD that night. I ended up at a party. I just so happened to run into my old drug dealer from six years before.”

“I just went to town. I went on a shopping spree,” Lovato revealed. “That night I did drugs I’d never done before. I’d never done meth before, I tried meth. I mixed it with Molly, with coke, weed, alcohol, oxycontin. And that alone should have killed me.”

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Two weeks later, Lovato was “introduced to heroin and crack cocaine.” On July 24, 2018, she was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles due to an opioid overdose.