Dana Carvey does not have the most authentic impression, but you need to give him marks for creativity.

Carvey dropped by Tuesday’s episode of Global’s “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”. The “Saturday Night Live” alum is the first to admit his Fauci impression is not the most spot-on.

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“It’s not my most accurate impression,” Carvey laughed. “It’s creative license. Remember all those lessons I imparted onto you. Remember, I said, ‘Stephen, you just pick a path, and you do the impression.’”

Carvey then revealed the origins of his Fauci impression.

“I read about him on a basketball team,” he explained. “He’s 5-foot-4. They said he was a really rough and tumble guard. He’d fly into the stands, he was always fighting. And then I looked at him, he’s been the head of the epidemiology or whatever it is for 40 years, he’s gotta have sharp elbows. And I thought, underneath that nice-guy scientist, he’s kind of a tough guy.”

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“You know what, don’t f**k with me? You know what I’m saying?” Carvey exclaimed, imitating Fauci. “You can do whatever you want, I don’t know who I am. But you know what? From the bottom of my heart, Stephen, go f**k yourself.”

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