Things are getting spicy for Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon.

The two teamed up for Tostitos’ “For the Love of Chips and Dip and…” campaign where the two comedians attempted to outdo each other while describing just how spicy the new habanero flavour is.

“For me, it’s like,” McKinnon started while vocalizing the spicy level.

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“For me, the spicy is pelvicular,” the “Schitt’s Creek” star rebutted while rotating his hips.

McKinnon and Levy continued to “one up” each other until Levy “wins” by getting stuck in a half splits.

A second commercial will debut on April 3 and a Snapchat lens on April 6 that will allow users to also “one up” each other on the platform.

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“Tostitos’ ambition is to fuel togetherness and help bring people closer to those they love by telling the stories of connections friends share and things they love to do together,” Anya Schmidt, Senior Director of Marketing for Frito-Lay, told “GMA“. “This new campaign with Kate McKinnon and Dan Levy showcases some of the ways that these moments are made, all while enjoying Tostitos chips and dip.”