Prince Albert of Monaco is the latest to share his reaction to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview.

While the Global special aired nearly three weeks ago, the bombshell two hour conversation is still dominating headlines, with many divided on the revelations.

Some have applauded the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for airing their grievances with the Royal Family and others would have liked the couple to have dealt with issues behind closed doors — a policy the royals typically follow. Prince Albert is in the latter camp.

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On Thursday, Prince Albert shared his reaction during an interview with BBC World News’ Yalda Hakim.

“I think it’s very difficult to be in someone’s place,” he said. “I can understand the pressure that they were under.”

“But I think this type of public of dissatisfaction, to say the least, these types of conversations should be held within intimate quarters of the family,” Prince Albert continued. “It doesn’t really have to be laid out in the public sphere like that. It did bother me a little bit.”

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“I can see where they’re coming from in a certain way, but I think it wasn’t the appropriate forum to have these kinds of discussions.”

The father of four was then asked if he has advice for Prince Harry as he starts a new life in California.

“I wish them the best, but it’s a difficult world out there and I hope he can have the judgement and wisdom to make the right choices,” he offered up.

After Harry and Meghan’s tell-all interview, Queen Elizabeth released a short statement saying matters “will be addressed by the family privately.”