The Canadian Academy has announced its nominations for the ninth annual Canadian Screen Awards, honouring the best in Canadian film and television.

This year’s ceremony will be presented as a seven-part, genre-based series of presentations that will be streamed live on, in addition to the Canadian Academy’s Twitter and YouTube channel, starting on Monday, May 17, and running through Thursday, May 20.

Each of these presentations will be narrated by a notable Canadian and will focus heavily on the nominated works, with the ceremony culminating in the main event on May 20, which will feature a curated selection of prominent awards.

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In the film categories, director Jeff Barnaby’s “Blood Quantum” tops the field of competition with 10 nominations, followed by Deepa Mehta’s “Funny Boy” (win nine noms) and Charles Officer’s “Akilla’s Escape” with eight.

Here is the complete list of film nominations for the 2021 Canadian Screen Awards.

Best Motion Picture
“Beans” – Anne-Marie Gélinas
“Funny Boy” – David Hamilton, Hussain Amarshi
“Nadia, Butterfly” – Dominique Dussault
“The Nest” – Ed Guiney, Derrin Schlesinger, Rose Garnett, Sean Durkin Underground | Souterrain – Etienne Hansez
“Underground” | “Souterrain” – Etienne Hansez

Achievement in Art Direction / Production Design
Louisa Schabas, Sylvain Lemaitre – “Blood Quantum”
Carol Spier – “Falling”
André-Line Beauparlant – “Goddess of the Fireflies” | “La déesse des mouches à feu” Phillip Barker – “Guest of Honour”
Jennifer Morden, Matthew Bianchi – “The Kid Detective”

Achievement in Casting
Nicole Hilliard-Forde – “Akilla’s Escape”
Maxime Giroux – Beans
Rene Haynes – Blood Quantum Deirdre Bowen
Pam Dixon, Deirdre Bowen – Possessor

Achievement in Cinematography
Maya Bankovic – “Akilla’s Escape”
Marie Davignon – “Beans”
Michel St-Martin – “Blood Quantum”
James Klopko, CSC – “A Fire In The Cold Season”
Stéphanie Wiber Biron – Nadia, Butterfly

Achievement in Costume Design
Noémi Poulin – “Blood Quantum”
Anne Dixon – “Falling”
Bernadette Croft – “Happy Place”
Marie Grogan Hales – “The Marijuana Conspiracy”
Patricia McNeil, Ann Roth – “My Salinger Year”

Achievement in Direction
Deepa Mehta – “Funny Boy”
Pascal Plante – “Nadia, Butterfly”
Sean Durkin – “The Nest”
Brandon Cronenberg – “Possessor”
Sophie Dupuis – “Underground” | “Souterrain”

Achievement in Editing (Sponsor: Company 3)
Jeff Barnaby – “Blood Quantum”
Jane MacRae – “The Cuban”
Arthur Tarnowski – “The Decline” | “Jusqu’au déclin”
Ron Sanders – “Falling”
Christine Armstrong – “Sugar Daddy”

Achievement in Hair 
France Latreille – “French Exit”
Ashley Nay – “Happy Place”
Michelle Côté – “My Salinger Year”
Patricia Cuthbert – “Random Acts of Violence”
Renée Chan – “Tammy’s Always Dying”

Achievement in Make-Up
Erik Gosselin, Joan-Patricia Parris, Jean-Michel Rossignol, Nancy Ferlatte – “Blood”
Quantum Elizabeth Gruszka – “Funny Boy”
Sidney Armour – “The Marijuana Conspiracy”
Dan Martin, Traci Loader, Dorota Mitoraj – “Possessor”
Emily O’Quinn, Paul Jones, Emma Lee Hilton – “Random Acts of Violence”

Achievement in Music – Original Score
Michele Osis, Lowell Boland – “Bloodthirsty”
Howard Shore – “Funny Boy”
Mychael Danna – “Guest of Honour”
Jay McCarrol – “The Kid Detective”
Janal Bechthold – “Marlene”

Achievement in Music – Original Song
Lowell Boland, Evan Bogart, Justin Gray – “Bloodthirsty” – “Grey Singing in Auditorium” Hilario Duran – “The Cuban” – “El Milagro”
Hilario Duran – “The Cuban” – “Mambo in Dominante”
Marie-Hélène L. Delorme – “Sugar Daddy” – “Timid Joyous Atrocious”
Ariane Moffatt – “Thanks for Everything” | “Merci pour tout” – “Merci pour tout”

Achievement in Sound Editing
David McCallum, David Rose, Krystin Hunter – “Akilla’s Escape”
James Sizemore, Jane Tattersall, David McCallum, Steve Medeiros, Krystin Hunter, Stefan Fraticelli, Jason Charbonneau – “Funny Boy”
Paul Germann, Brennan Mercer, Martin Gwynn Jones – “The Nest”
Clive Turner, Mark Shniruwsky, Marvyn Dennis – “Random Acts of Violence”
Matthew Chan, Ida Marci – “Violation”

Achievement in Sound Mixing (Sponsor: Eggplant Picture & Sound)
Graham Rogers, James Bastable, Brad Dawe – “Akilla’s Escape”
Stephane Bergeron, Yann Cleary – “Beans”
Lou Solakofski, Joe Morrow, Randy Wilson, Ron Melgers – “Funny Boy”
Colin McLellan, Mark Zsifkovits, Devin Doucette, Daniel Moctezuma, Rachelle Audet, Bertrand Duranleau, Thomas Holroyd, Jeffrey Roy – “Random Acts of Violence”
Matthew Chan – “Violation”

Achievement in Visual Effects (Sponsor: SPINVFX)
Joshua Sherrett, Barbara Rosenstein, Ibi Atemie, David Atexide, Juan Carlos Ferrá, Alex Flynn, Andrei Gheorghiu, Felix Sherrett-Brown, Ali Hamidikia, Tony Wu – “Blood Quantum”
Brian Huynh, William Chang, Steven Huynh, Sophia Jooyeon Lee, Justin Perreault – “Code 8”
Liam Neville, Kenneth Coyne, Piers Larchet, Rob Murray, Shane Browne, Dave Thomas, Mihail Dumbravestu, Allen Sillery, Christoph Gaudi, Michael McCarthy – “French Exit”
Peter McAuley, Michael Bishop, Derek Gebhart, Armen Bunag, Luke White, James Marin, Marco Polsinelli, Andrew Rolfe, Davor Celar – “Funny Boy”
François Trudel, Cynthia Mourou – “Laughter” | “Le rire”

Adapted Screenplay
Taylor Olson – “Bone Cage”
Patrick deWitt – “French Exit”
Shyam Selvadurai, Deepa Mehta – “Funny Boy”
Catherine Léger – “Goddess of the Fireflies” | “La déesse des mouches à feu Johnny” Darrell, Andrew Duncan, Loretta Sarah Todd – “Monkey Beach”

Best Stunt Coordination
Jean Frenette, Jean-François Lachapelle – “Blood Quantum”
Tyler Hall – “Goddess of the Fireflies” | “La déesse des mouches à feu”
Dan Skene – “Letterkenny” – “National Senior Hockey Championship”
Randy Butcher – Trickster – “Episode 105”

Original Screenplay
Charles Officer, Wendy Brathwaite – “Akilla’s Escape”
Jeff Barnaby – “Blood Quantum”
Evan Morgan – “The Kid Detective”
Sean Durkin – “The Nest”
Sophie Dupuis – “Underground” | “Souterrain”

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Saul Williams – “Akilla’s Escape”
Michael Greyeyes – “Blood Quantum”
Alex Wolff – “Castle in the Ground”
Lance Henriksen – “Falling”
Joakim Robillard – “Underground” | “Souterrain”

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Thamela Mpumlwana – “Akilla’s Escape”
Ronnie Rowe, Jr. – “Akilla’s Escape”
Stephen McHattie – “Come to Daddy”
Colm Feore – “Sugar Daddy”
Jesse LaVercombe – “Violation”

Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Michelle Pfeiffer – “French Exit”
Carrie Coon – “The Nest”
Carmen Moore – “Rustic Oracle
Rosalie Pépin – “Vacarme”
Madeleine Sims-Fewer – “Violation”

Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Amy Groening – “Bone Cage”
Agam Darshi – “Funny Boy”
Mary Walsh – “Happy Place”
Micheline Lanctôt – “Laughter” | “Le rire”
Felicity Huffman – “Tammy’s Always Dying”

Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary (Sponsor: Rogers Group of Funds)
“The Forbidden Reel” – Ariel Nasr, Sergeo Kirby, Kat Baulu, Annette Clarke
“Stateless” – Michèle Stephenson, Jennifer Holness, Lea Marin, Anita Lee, Joe Brewster, Sudz Sutherland
“Wandering: A Rohingya Story” | “Errance sans retour” – Mélanie Carrier, Olivier Higgins
“A Woman, My Mother” | “Une femme, ma mère” – Claude Demers
“The World is Bright” – Ying Wang, Jian Ping Su, Jordan Paterson

Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Documentary
Jean-Philippe Archibald – The Free Ones | Les libres Glauco Bermudez, Mark Ó Fearghaíl – Influence Kiarash Sadigh – “Nahanni: River of Forgiveness”
Renaud Philippe, Olivier Higgins – “Wandering: A Rohingya Story” | “Errance sans retour” Ryan A. Randall – “Workhorse”

Best Editing in a Feature Length Documentary
Jonah Malak – “Dave Not Coming Back”
Natacha Dufaux – “The Free Ones” | “Les libres”
Peter Roeck – “The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel”
Natalie Lamoureux – “A Woman, My Mother” | “Une femme, ma merè”
Lawrence Le Lam – “The World is Bright”

Best Short Documentary (Sponsor: Hot Docs)
“CHSLD” – François Delisle
“êmîcêtôcêt: Many Bloodlines” – Alexandra Bailey, Theola Ross
Jesse Jams – Trevor Anderson, Alyson Richards, Alexandra Lazarowich, Penny Frazier, Kim Hsu Guise, Lizzy Karp, Christina Willings
“Mutts” | “Clebs” – Halima Ouardiri
“Sing Me a Lullaby” – Tiffany Hsiung

Best Live Action Short Drama
“Bad Omen” – Salar Pashtoonyar
“Benjamin, Benny, Ben” – Paul Shkordoff, Jason Aita
“Black Bodies” – Kelly Fyffe-Marshall, Tamar Bird, Sasha Leigh
“Henry Cayenne” – Simon Gionet
“Goodbye Golovin” – Mathieu Grimard, Simon Corriveau

Best Animated Short
“4 North A” – Jordan Canning, Howie Shia, Annette Clarke
“The Fourfold” – Alisi Telengut
“The Great Malaise” | “Le mal du siècle” – Catherine Lepage, Marc Bertrand
“Hot Flash” – Thea Hollatz, Kristy Neville, Matt Code, Morghan Fortier, Brett Jubinville
“I, Barnabé” | “Moi, Barnabé” – Jean-François Lévesque, Julie Roy

John Dunning Best First Feature Film Award
“Beans” – Tracey Deer
“The Kid Detective” – Evan Morgan
“Tito” – Grace Glowicki
“Vacarme” – Neegan Trudel
“Violation” – Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Dusty Mancinelli