Bryce Hall is clearing up speculation around his recent breakup with Addison Rae.

The 21-year-old TikTok star was accused of hooking up with model Josie Canseco following his split from the 20-year-old singer. 

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Hall finally set the record straight during an episode of “BFFs” with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards on Thursday, March 25. 

“Did you hook up with Josie Canseco?” asked Portnoy.

“No…. I didn’t, I didn’t,” Hall insisted with a laugh. 

“Me and Josie are, like, good friends,” he continued. “We’re hanging out. We’re just vibing. We’ve been to a couple get-togethers.”

When the hosts asked if he was willing to take a lie detector test with his parents listening, Hall answered, “I would answer the question, but considering there’s no lie detector or my parents’ lives [on the line], I’m standing by the answer.”

“F**k you guys,” he joked.

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Hall also revealed that he was the one ended who ended things with Rae due to the immense media pressure that their relationship attracted.

“I was completely stressed out with, like, dude, I paid so much money in lawyer fees to get all this f**king bulls**t off of my plate,” he added

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“I didn’t want, like, any of that to be blown up to that proportion… On top of that, relationship issues involving that.”

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