Alexander Skarsgård learned a new skill in order to communicate with a young co-star in his new movie “Godzilla v. Kong”.

In an interview with Junkee, Skarsgård reveals that he studied American Sign Language when he learned that he’d be working with deaf actor Kaylee Hottle, who was just 9 when the movie was made.

In the film, she plays a character named Jia, who forms a tight bond with King Kong and is able to communicate with the giant gorilla through American Sigh Language.

According to Skarsgård, Hottle “steals the movie,” even though it’s her first major role.

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“It’s her first movie,” Skarsgård said “It’s fascinating how comfortable she is in front of the camera and how quickly she takes notes from the director Adam [Wingard]. He’ll explain something and she’ll be like ‘got it, got it’ then she’ll just do it and everyone’s like ‘the f**k … how did she?’ She’s so professional and just incredibly… there’s so much going on on her face, her expression and the subtleties of that is fascinating to watch.”

“I kind of just go with the flow,” Hottle said, signing through an interpreter.

Admitting she’s not a big fan of monster movies — Disney is more her thing — she explained why deaf characters need to be played by deaf actors, such as Millie Simmonds in “A Quiet Place”.

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“I think that it’s important having deaf actors plays deaf characters,” she signed. “Because deaf people are aware of their own language and they’re more familiar with the culture.”

“Godzilla vs. Kong” debuts March 31.