James Denton has led a quiet lifestyle since the end of “Desperate Housewives” in 2012.

Denton, who played Mike Delfino on the hit show, said he and wife Erin made a “conscious decision” to get their two kids “out of L.A.”

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“Their mom was born here in Minnesota so we thought maybe we should get the kids out of L.A.,” he told “The Morning Show”.

Denton and his wife share kids Sheppard, 18, and Malin, 16.

“[Los Angeles] is not a great place for kids. It’s tough,” Denton said. “The schools are really expensive, so we decided as soon as ‘Housewives’ ended, we’d come up here and let them grow up in a little more normal suburban American neighbourhood.”

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Denton didn’t completely give up acting, but said it was harder to find work.

“I had trouble getting seen for anything that was, like, a suit and tie role, or maybe a politician,” he said. “Anything like that that wasn’t blue-collar, I had a little trouble right after ‘Housewives’.”

“Because you get a little bit typecast, but that’s a small price you pay for being on a show that was that popular,” he continued, adding, “you’ll never hear me complain.”

Denton most recently played Dr. Sam Radford on “Good Witch”.

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