Brendan Fraser is trending just because his fans appreciate him for him.

On Sunday “The Mummy” star was a trending topic on Twitter as fans shared reasons they love him and their favourite Fraser works of art.

Of course, “George Of The Jungle” came up.

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There were also his roles in “Looney Tunes: Back in Action”, “Airheads” and “Bedazzled”.

With “The Mummy” being one of his most popular films, lots of fans shared why they loved the movie.

“Brendan Fraser was really just the whole package. Not only shockingly handsome, tall, well built and somehow not bland at the same time, but also full of charisma, natural and able to both seem vulnerable and throw a punch,” wrote one fan in a lengthy thread about how he is “smooth as a marble slab.”

“He’s super talented and his performance in the mummy has been influential to action stars since it dropped,” added another, while someone else chimed in, “There’s not a thing you can complain about when you’re watching that movie.”

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Check out more reaction to Fraser and why fans love him below:

Fraser can next be seen in “No Sudden Move”, “Behind the Curtain of Night” and the mystery project from Darren Aronofsky as a character named Charlie.

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