Princess Beatrice is encouraging kids with dyslexia to embrace it.

The daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson read a book ahead of International Children’s Book Day, April 2, to help boost the confidence of children and to encourage their “dyslexic superpower.”

Beatrice, who also grew up with dyslexia, did a reading of Xtraordinary People written by the founder of Made by Dyslexia, Kate Griggs. Beatrice is an ambassador for the charity.

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“What you may not know about me is that I was made by dyslexia, which was a bit of a struggle when I was at school,” she said in the clip.

“But now, thanks to all the practice and a lot of support, I feel so lucky to be made by dyslexia and working with some incredible organizations who are there to support you on your journey to find out what your superpower is.

“We say that is what makes us Xtraordinary. You see, when you’re dyslexic, you think a little different to people who not dyslexic. This Xtraordinary way of thinking makes us very good at all sorts of things.”

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Beatrice has been open about her struggles with dyslexia and has shared other videos with Made by Dyslexia in which she spoke about what it was like at school when it seemed like her friends were “so far ahead.”

“I think at that stage, those moments of doubt just pop into your head. I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough. Why am I not like the others?” she said.