Lil Nas X wants his new music video to have a big impact on LGBTQ youth.

The rapper stirred up controversy after dropping the visuals for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” on March 26.

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The video — which was co-directed by Lil Nas X and Tanu Muino — is filled with biblical and Ancient Greek references. At one point, the artist slides down a pole to Hell to seduce the devil.

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In a new interview with Time, the 21-year-old music star explained how he hopes that the video will start an important conversation.

“I feel like we’ve come to a time in music where everything is nice and nothing is really cutting edge or starting conversations anymore,” he shared.I want to be part of a conversation that actually applies to my situation and so many people that I know.”

Discussing the issue of repression among LGBTQ youth, Lil Nas X continued, “I grew up in a pretty religious kind of home—and for me, it was fear-based very much. Even as a little child, I was really scared of every single mistake I may or may not have made. I want kids growing up feeling these feelings, knowing they’re a part of the LGBTQ community, to feel like they’re O.K. and they don’t have to hate themselves.”

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Lil Nas X also shared the message that he hopes younger fans take from the video.

“More acceptance, more open-mindedness amongst humanity as a whole,” he added. “I want kids to know that they don’t have to harm themselves—and that they’re capable and worthy.”