Kirsten Dunst is expecting another child!

The actress made the reveal that she is once again pregnant on the cover of the new W magazine, which she shares with fellow Sofia Coppola collaborators Elle Fanning and Rashida Jones.

In 2018, Dunst gave birth to her first child with partner Jesse Plemons.

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In the issue, Coppola talks about having women as her muses in her films.

“Clearly, I’m drawn to these fancy society ladies. Once, my mom was like, ‘Where does that come from?’” she says. “And, I don’t know, maybe growing up in the chaos of hippie artists in the ’70s—that’s the most opposite world. It’s so foreign to me and how I was brought up. There’s something intriguing there.”

Recalling working with Coppola for the first on “The Virgin Suicides”, Dunst says, “I felt really protected. She made me feel like I was cool, like my teeth were cool, and I was pretty. At 16, I did not think anything of myself. And it’s nice to have had another woman celebrate that transition, rather than it having been sexualized through a man’s perspective.”

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Fanning looks back on being a tween girl while shooting “Somewhere” with Coppola, and the environment the director created for her on set, including being able to come to her when she needed to start wearing a sports bra during the shoot.

“That was a moment. When you’re 11, you are physically, emotionally, mentally changing,” Fanning says. “You’re also very influenced by your surroundings. One of my first big film sets being led by a woman created a normalcy to seeing women in charge…Sofia is able to strip everyone down in her films. She makes the most mundane, small things in life just so completely magical.”

Talking about her character in “On the Rocks” and the similarities to Coppola, Jones says, “I, too, have struggled with my awesome father—whom I love so much, who’s a big figure in my life and in the world—and having to figure out who I am without him.”