Addison Rae is addressing the backlash to her recent appearance on “The Tonight Show”.

The TikTok star appeared on the show last week to help Jimmy Fallon demonstrate eight of the top dances on the social media platform.

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But after the segment aired, both Fallon and Rae were called out by many on social media for performing dances popularized by Black creators on TikTok without crediting them.

Even “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin voiced her dismay:

On the YouTube page for the clip, the video description credits the original creators, though it is unclear whether that was added following the backlash.

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Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Rae in Los Angeles to ask about the controversy.

Agreeing that the original creators deserve to be credited, Rae said, “It’s kind of hard to credit during the show, but they all know I love them so much, and I support all of them so much. And hopefully one day we can meet up and dance together.”

ET Canada has reached out to “The Tonight Show” for comment.