After earning raves following its debut at TIFF, the first trailer for “Beans” has arrived and ET Canada has your exclusive first look.

Nominated for Best Picture at the Canadian Screen Awards, “Beans” is a coming-of-age tale set during the 78-day Oka Crisis in Quebec in 1990.

“Inspired by true events,” the film follows a Mohawk girl named Tekehentahkhwa (Kiawentiio), better known as Beans. Beans and her younger sister Ruby (Violah Beauvais) spend their days playing in the woods and avoiding the tough kids on the Mohawk reserve of Kahnaw√†:ke. Beans’ parents (Rainbow Dickerson and Joel Montgrand) are at odds over her future, disagreeing whether Beans should leave the reserve to attend high school while the young teen herself isn’t brave enough to speak up for what she wants.

All of the family’s personal drama is pushed aside when a peaceful protest at a neighbouring reserve turns into an armed standoff to protect a burial ground from being desecrated for a golf course expansion. As her community joins what will eventually be known as the Oka Crisis, Beans learns to become a brave Mohawk warrior as she faces relentless racism and violence through the escalating crisis, driving the once-shy girl to focus on revenge and putting all she stands for in jeopardy.

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Making her feature film directorial debut with “Beans”, Tracey Deer told ET Canada the film is just as relevant today as it was 30 years ago.

“This is a really important story and a story I’ve wanted to tell for 30 years since I lived it,” she said ahead of the film’s TIFF premiere in September. “What’s really exciting is, I think we are in a time right now where people are even more open to receiving this story and the messages and themes within the story.

“I think that openness is a change and that definitely is happening right now,” she says. “In terms of long-lasting, substantial change, we’re not going to know that for a while but as long as we continue to speak up and demand changes, I am very hopeful. I do think we are in a watershed moment. I believe it.”

“Beans” will be released on May 14.