A Luke Combs fan inspired the country crooner’s latest song.

Billy McKee shared a photo Monday of himself and his friends drinking Miller Lite at his wedding on Saturday. The social media user’s pals gathered around him as he posed on one knee with a beer box on his head.

McKee wrote, “Man @MillerLite and @lukecombs if you guys don’t reply back to this photo I don’t know even know what to say!! This was my wedding this Saturday March 27th!”

Combs not only replied, but he did one better and wrote the song about the snap.

The musician shared a video, in which he explained: “We were sittin’ here today and starting to work on this song, and I happened to get on Twitter…” giving a shoutout to McKee.

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Combs then performed the track, singing: “We still drink beer / We still get loud / We still turn ’em up, catch us a buzz while the sun goes down / ‘Til every last drop in the world is gone or the good Lord calls us home / Long as we’re down here / We still drink beer.”

The singer, who said they referred to McKee as “beer box headed guy” in the song, also shared:

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McKee gushed:

McKee told ET Canada of how the pic came about: “Honestly Miller Lite is all my buddies and I drink when we are out. We were having a few beers after the wedding and my buddy Jake told me to put the beer box on my head and it went from there. My buddy Brandon [then] told me to post it to Luke Combs and I would have never thought he would message me back.”

He added of his reaction to Combs posting the track, “Lauren my wife and I were at a restaurant and my phone was blowing up and when I saw the video I was absolutely speechless!”

McKee said of what the social media response to the song has been like, “My phone has been blowing up! I live in a little small town called Avella, Pennsylvania, and it’s crazy the reaction I’m getting there. Honestly though it’s a dream come true because my dad got diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in May, we were supposed to have my wedding [in] September 2021 but we moved [it] so he could be there.”

He says he’s a bigger Combs fan now more than ever: “Honestly I’ve always been one of the biggest Luke Combs fans ever. My buddies and I are already talking about listening to that song on repeat!!”