Rebel Wilson is revealing how “Bridesmaids” could have been a very different movie.

The Aussie actress shot to international stardom after portraying the hilarious Brynn in the 2011 comedy, however, it turns out that Wilson originally auditioned for another well-known part.

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The 41-year-old star looked back on filming the hit movie while joining in on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” to promote her new series, “Pooch Perfect”. 

“My character wasn’t supposed to exist in the movie,” she recalled. “I’d auditioned for Melissa McCarthy’s character and was like the second choice for that role. And I guess they liked my audition [so] they added me into the film essentially. There was never supposed to be two roommates only one, so I just kind of added myself in, in a way, to the scenes.”

Despite the fact that she was a relative newcomer during filming, Wilson remembered how her more senior cast-members gave her a lot of creative freedom on set.

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I just remember Kristen [Wiig] was like the biggest comedy star in America at that point,” she continued. “But she literally said ‘whatever you want to do, just go for it. I don’t care. Like if you think it’s funny, want to try it, just go for it.’”

Wilson also looked back on the cast’s wild night out at a strip club after filming wrapped.

“Gosh, we had a fun time,” she added. “Kristen hired a party bus and I felt very lucky to be there. Cause I was the most junior person in that cast. That was my first job in America.”

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