A John Cena prank show helped save a young girl’s life.

That’s the way eight-year-old Jaxson Demsey tells it at least, after he managed to stop his 20-month-old sister Lelia from choking.

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“We were driving to my haircut, and I noticed she was starting to choke from a chicken nugget from McDonald’s. I told my dad to pull over. Then I was starting to pat on her back, and it got out,” Jaxson told ABC 17 News in Pennsylvania.

He explained that he learned the manoeuvre from an episode of the Nickelodeon prank show “The Substitute”, which featured John Cena as a guest star.

“It’s called ‘The Substitutes’ on Nickelodeon, and in the very first episode, John Cena was on it, and in the last part, he showed how to save someone when they’re choking,” Jaxson said.

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The boy’s father Matt said, “He amazes us every day, you know—some of the things he says and does, and his actions. We’re simply blessed to have the child that he is, the things that he does for his family, his friends, for his little sister. He’s a good big brother.”

He added, “If I was by myself and Jaxson wasn’t with me, and I stopped and gave her a chicken nugget, I couldn’t hear her because she was choking. She wasn’t coughing; she wasn’t panicking. She just had no air going through; she wasn’t breathing. Thank God Jaxson was there because, without him, I don’t know if Lelia would be here.”