Sharon Stone Talks ‘Solitary Journey’ Of Writing Book: ‘You Feel Like A Vampire’

Sharon Stone thrusts herself back into the spotlight with a candid new book detailing her near-death experiences, struggles and more.

Stone penned and release her first book, The Beauty of Living Twice, earlier this month.

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Sharon Stone.
Sharon Stone. — Michael Muller for L'OFFICIEL

“Writing is such a singular, solitary journey and that is hard for everyone else to grasp,” Stone tells L’OFFICIEL. “When you reveal yourself to the rest of the world, you feel like a vampire that has been stuck in a box for 200 years, coming out saying ‘Sunlight!’”

“I always like those fantastic Knights of the Round Table tales,” Stone said of glamour. “What was it she said? ‘Glamour wasn’t something that you are. Glamour was part of a magic spell. It wasn’t a thing or object or a style per se but an air of magic.’ I think that is more true than anything, an attitude versus what you are wearing.”

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Sharon Stone.
Sharon Stone. — Michael Muller for L'OFFICIEL

Stone, 63, also shared her thoughts on Global Warming, COVID-19 and environmental causes.

“If COVID wasn’t a warning for people to get your mind straight, the planet itself will straighten you out,” she says. “Nature itself is a very big teacher.”

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