Between motherhood and her new wine business, Cameron Diaz has no time for making movies.

Diaz, 48, has not appeared in a movie or television role since 2014’s “Annie”. In a new interview, the Avaline wine founder explained she just does not have the time for Hollywood productions.

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“Her family started to evolve, and I saw her go like, ‘Oh, wait, I only have 100 per cent,’ ” she told Yahoo! Finance Presents of her producer friend. “You only have 100 per cent. We don’t have 200 per cent. We have 100 per cent, right? So you’ve got to break up that 100 per cent into… how much are you going to give to your family? How much are you going to give to your career?”

“For me, I know what my ratio is for the balance of my life currently,” she added, noting she had already given “100 per cent to making films.”

Ultimately, the “Vanilla Sky” actress is in a different stage of her life.

“Now I’m here and this is the most fulfilling thing that I’ve ever done in my life. [To] have a family and be married and have our little nucleus of a family. It’s just completely the best thing.”

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“I don’t have what it takes to give making a movie what it needs to be made. All of my energy is here,” the mother of one added.

Diaz and her husband Benji Madden welcomed their daughter Raddix Madden on Dec. 30, 2019.