Maestro Fresh Wes (or Wesley Williams) says he’s loving his new life in the Maritimes.

The Toronto-born rapper made the move to Saint John with his family back in October.

“It has been awesome,” Williams says.

“Just due to the COVID climate, we figured it’d be the best thing to do family-wise, and I think we made a great decision.”

Williams released the ninth studio album of his 30-year-long career, Champagne Campaign, in 2019.

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He previously spent time in Halifax, before he wrapped up eight seasons on the Canadian sitcom, “Mr. D”, where he played school teacher Paul Dwyer for almost a decade.

The rapper says he misses Toronto, but having spent years in the Maritimes before, it wasn’t much of a shock to move to Saint John.

“The people of the Maritimes are awesome,” Williams tells Global News.

“I’m just glad that when people see me they’re happy to see me, and my son is happy.”

He says people around town know him for his new radio show, “Maestro in the Maritimes”, on The Wave.

Williams says he plays “intergenerational bangers,” and the people love it.

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While he was torn to choose a few, he says he has several favourite spots in Saint John.

“I have to give a shout out to Lock Stock and Barrels, I‘ve got to say a special shout out to Cask & Kettle, and Deluxe Fish & Chips.”

This year, Williams published a new children’s book, Stick To Your Vision: Young Maestro Goes to School.

Submitted by Wes Williams.
Submitted by Wes Williams. — Submitted by Wes Williams.

He co-wrote it with Grade 1 teacher Rhodora Meliton-Vanderpool, and it was illustrated by Leon “Eklipz” Robinson.

“It’s for the importance of elementary school teachers. They’ve been so underrated,” Williams says, adding that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on children, too.

“I’ve been blessed to have some amazing elementary school teachers and they’ve helped, along with mentorship (and) my family, for me to become the artist I am today.”

Submitted by Wes Williams.
Submitted by Wes Williams. — Submitted by Wes Williams.

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The rapper says that’s what he wants to instill with his book.

“It’s based on true stories. I guarantee you it’s one of the greatest children’s books you’ll ever read,” Williams says.

“It’s about the importance of family structure, mentorship — hip-hop of course… but also teachers.”

The book comes a decade after he released his first motivational book, Stick To Your Vision, named after his fifth album.