Viewers will soon be saying goodbye to the Gallagher family when the 11th and final season of “Shameless” comes to an end on Sunday, April 11.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante, star Noel Fisher opens up about their final days on set and why the show resonated so much with fans.

“The last thing we got to shoot was this nice kind of group scene where we all got to hang out and laugh a lot and reminisce,” he recalls. “All the things you do when something is wrapping up.”

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One of the storylines fans really connected with was the love story between Fisher’s character Mickey Milkovich and his husband Ian Gallagher, played by Cameron Monaghan.

Fisher tells us he “totally” thinks the on-screen couple would live happily ever after.

“I think something that actually Cam and I talked about during the last season is just that they’ve been through so much, that I mean, they’re unbreakable,” he says. “What could break them at this point? They’ve been through everything so I think that they’re, in my heart and in my mind, they have a lovely, beautiful future together.”

While Fisher is heterosexual in real life he admits being a gay icon on-screen has “definitely been a journey.”

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He adds of his time on the fan-favourite show: “I’m very grateful that I got to be part of something that seems to have genuinely landed and meant something to a lot of people.”

Watch our interview with Fisher above.