Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the latest celebrity to take on the “Hot Ones” challenge.

Morgan was quizzed by host Sean Evans on his many unforgettable roles on film and TV during the interview, while attempting to eat some of the hottest wings out there.

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All was fairly okay until “The Walking Dead” actor got to Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, which most people struggle with.

Morgan insisted, “That doesn’t even taste like a f**king sauce!”

He added, “Wow. Why do people eat that?” before Evans attempted to question him about which toy in his garage had his favourite custom finish.

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Morgan, who said Da Bomb was the “most evil” sauce of the bunch, quipped, “Omg I can’t feel my face!”

The star also spoke about visiting Stonehenge with Norman Reedus, riding Harleys and the gig that almost made him quit acting.

Despite Evans’ warnings about not touching your eyes or going to the bathroom before washing your hands after doing the show, Morgan forgot and learned the hard way, later posting: