It’s been 11 years since the “Bling Ring” took over Hollywood and Rachel Bilson still feels violated.

“The O.C.” alum’s house was one of the targets of the group of teens dubbed the “Bling Ring” during their burglarizing and robbery spree in 2010. They robbed a number of celebrity homes, including those belonging to Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton.

Bilson’s house was robbed five times.

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While Bilson admits she was devastated to be a part of the scandal, one thing made Bilson feel extra violated.

“You know, it was kind of crazy at the time,” Bilson, 39, told Danny Pellegrin‪o on his “Everything Iconic” podcast. “I guess they came into my house five different times and took everything and even one girl gave an interview, she was like, ‘I got so comfortable going in her house, I took a s**t in her bathroom!’ I was like, that’s more invasive than stealing my purses [laughs].”

She added, “But yeah, you know, they were young and hopefully, the others learned as well. Who knows. I mean, that’s all you can hope for, at this point.”

The “Bling Ring” became a pop culture phenomenon in 2010 after journalist Nancy Jo Sales wrote about it in a Vanity Fair article. It later inspired Sofia Coppola’s 2013 satirical crime film of the same name, starring Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, Israel Broussard and Katie Chang.

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Sales also wrote a book about the crimes, titled The Bling Ring: How a Gang of Fame-Obsessed Teens Ripped Off Hollywood and Shocked the World. In the tell-all, group member Nick Prugo revealed his colleague Rachel Lee went to the bathroom at Bilson’s house, “We were in Rachel’s [Bilson’s] bathroom and Rachel [Lee] just had to go, so she just… yeah. I remember the incident so well. I can recall the smell, which is really nasty, disgusting.”

All members of the “Bling Ring” were charged.