Paulina Porizkova is taking aim at ageist criticisms.

Porizkova, 55, appears on Friday’s episode of “The Tamron Show”. The actress and supermodel told Tamron Hall about defying ageist expectations of her appearance.

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“In my 20s, I was celebrated for showing up in lingerie. I was getting a lot of money for it and everybody loved me,” Porizkova said. “In my 50s, I still think I look pretty good in lingerie, but the reaction is reviled, obviously not by everybody, but yeah, there’s a fair amount of backlash.”

“I think it’s that when you get older when there’s a certain sort of invisible boundary that happens in maybe your mid-40s where you, I guess you don’t look fertile anymore, it’s a menopausal thing.”

Porizkova suggested some people might have mommy issues.

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“And maybe it’s because you’re starting to look a little like people’s mom, that sexy is not allowed,” she shared. “You’re allowed to be beautiful, you’re allowed to be handsome, you’re allowed to be present, you’re allowed to be shocking or eye-opening, but you are not allowed to be sexy.”

Porizkova has tackled this problem in the past, posting a naked photo with the caption: “When I was in my twenties and thirties, the less I wore – the more popular I was… At fifty, I am reviled for it.”

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