Rick Astley has revealed that his collection of guitars from the 1980s were stolen from his house.

The “Never Going To Give You Up” singer recalled how the experience has made him learn to “detach himself” from material possessions.

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“We had a break-in at the last house. Some of the guitars I’d had from back in the 80s and stuff were stolen,” he told Tom Watson on his “Persons of Interest” podcast. “They had a lot of memories. They’d been around the world.”

Adding, “So, I’ve kind of detached myself from the prize possession thing of owning guitars any more. Because you don’t know whether you’re going to own them forever anyway.”

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Astley rose to fame in the ’80s, but then took a break at the height of his stardom in the ’90s after his fame affected his family life.

His last album came out in 2019 titled The Best of Me.

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