Martha Stewart was swatting men like flies after posting a poolside photo.

Stewart drops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with guest host Howie Mandel on Friday. Mandel brings up a photo Stewart posted back in August, which the Canadian comedian described as “a thirst trap.”

“I also saw that you learned what thirst trap was,” the “America’s Got Talent” judge told Stewart. “I saw you with the hottest picture ever.”

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“You want to know something, Howard? I don’t even know what it means now. What does it mean?” Stewart replied.

Mandel doubled down on his assessment of Stewart.

“You’re a thirst trap. You look hot and I couldn’t stop looking at the picture. Look at you. Look at you. You’re stunning. And you’re amazing.”

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“So it makes you thirsty?” Stewart asked.

Mandel tried to clear things up: “Well, people thirst to watch that picture. Did you get any Zoom dates from that?”

“Oh, I got so many proposals and so many propositions,” Stewart responded. “But I had to ignore all of them. I’m a very busy person.”