Royal biographer Andrew Morton has spoken about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tell-all Oprah Winfrey interview, suggesting Meghan did in fact lead something resembling a “normal life” despite her claims.

Meghan claimed her passport, driver’s licence, and keys were taken from her when she became a royal, with her also having to ask for permission to do everyday things.

However, Morton, who penned Princess Diana’s biography Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words in 1992, questioned this as he chatted on the “Royally Obsessed” podcast.

He was asked whether Meghan’s experience was similar to that of Diana.

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Morton said, “It was and it wasn’t. When I was watching the interview, I was ticking off ‘yes, sense of isolation,’ ‘yes, sense of desperation’… exactly what Diana was saying to me.

“But then again, well, friends of mine have seen Meghan walking from Whole Foods supermarket on Kensington High Street with bags of food back to Kensington Palace.”

He continued: “It didn’t seem too much like a prison. Other friends have seen her out and about with friends at restaurants, so she seems, to me, to have led a normal life.”

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Morton also pointed out that Meghan flew to New York on a private jet when celebrating her baby shower in February 2019 ahead of Archie’s birth.

He added she made many overseas trips “without wearing handcuffs.”

The writer said, “So there’s some inconsistency but also a similarity with Diana as well. It was a complex interview and it has left many unresolved questions.”

ET Canada has contacted Harry and Meghan’s rep for comment.