Carole Baskin’s “Tiger King” fame did not come without a steep price.

That’s what the “Dancing With the Stars” alum and her husband, Howard Baskin, revealed during an appearance on ITV’s “This Morning”, declaring that they received multiple death threats after the surprise-hit docuseries made its debut on Netflix last spring.

According to Carole Baskin, after the show premiered “my phone started ringing and it rang every two minutes for three months with people screaming obscenities at me, saying they want to kill me. They wanted to kill my family, they wanted to kill the cats, they wanted to burn the place to the ground. I was asking them, ‘Why do you want to kill the cats?’ And they said, ‘Because they don’t belong in cages,’ and we’d tell them, ‘That’s our entire — that we save them in the wild.”

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Added Howard: “A tidal wave comes in really quickly and recedes really slowly, so that’s what happened. For three months, we had a nightmare, a constant barrage and then it subsided and now what we’re seeing is the pendulum swing the other way, with more and more people realizing the producers of ‘Tiger King’ had no interest in truth.”

In fact, Howard said that he takes issue with “Tiger King” being described as a “docuseries.”

“It’s not a ‘docuseries,’ it’s not a docu-anything,” he insisted. “Because a documentary normally seeks truth, and they had no interest in the truth. They just had an interest in producing the most salacious thing they could to get the biggest audience, and, to their credit, they were successful at it.”

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Carole doubled down on her previous claims that “Tiger King” producers misrepresented their intentions, alleging that she was told she’d be appearing in a documentary described as being “the ‘Blackfish’ for big cats,” referencing the acclaimed 2013 documentary about killer whales in captivity.

“My husband and I binge-watched it just like everybody else did, because the teasers for it didn’t sound like anything we thought we were working on,” she said, admitting that “the teasers looked like some kind of freak show. So we sat through the entire thing and thought, ‘At some point they’ll get to the important stuff,’ and they just never did. We just looked at each other gobsmacked and said, “That was a missed opportunity.”