Eric Dane is opening up on his surprise return to “Grey’s Anatomy” during this week’s touching episode.

The special appearance came as Mark Sloan [Dane] visited Meredith Grey [Ellen Pompeo] at her “beach”, while she was actually in a coma, fighting for her life.

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Mark was joined by former flame Lexie Grey [Chyler Leigh] as the pair attempted to persuade Meredith to wake up.

Speaking to Deadline about his return to the medical drama, Dane said, “It was like I’d never left. It was a great day at the beach. It was great to see some of the familiar faces and same crew members, and we didn’t skip a beat. I love those people. I spent a significant portion of my life with those people, I’d do just about anything for them.”

Discussing how Mark and Lexie gave Meredith a reason to fight, Dane continued, “Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey are embedded in the DNA of that show, and also literally, Lexie and Meredith share the same DNA.”

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He added: “So, I think there’s a connectivity there and reminding her that, gone but not forgotten, we’re always around if you need us, and it’s too early for you to stay on the beach.”

When Meredith asked whether Mark and Lexie were together, Mark replied, “On your beach, we are.”

Sharing his thoughts on what that meant, Dane said, “I didn’t dig too deep into that. I sort of took it as like, not in your imagination but the way you’re seeing it in your subconsciousness, wherever you are right now, whatever state of being you’re existing in, in this coma, fever dream, whatever it is, I guess that’s [Meredith’s] projection of perfection. Mark and Lexie are together forever, and I’m sure Mark and Lexie aren’t too bummed about it either.”

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Asked if he thinks Mark and Lexi found each other in the afterlife, Dane added, “Mark would’ve found Lexie. He would’ve found her eventually.”